The future is electric!

We offer various types of EV chargers ranging from Super-fast commercial chargers to dedicated Domestic Home EV Chargers

Home electric vehicle charging solutions

Supply & Fitting of reliable EV-Chargers for your home.

The majority of the time, you will be plugging your car in at home, thats why it is crucial to use a company like CES Ltd, who has the experience and the knowledge to deliver a safe and efficient installation.

All installations differ, so it is important to have your property surveyed prior to installation, so we can tailor the right solution for you with our wide range of charging points from high quality & reliable manufacturers.

Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging

Back to business as usual

Life is always on the move, so why worry about if your car will make it home at the end of the day? Get back to what really matters.

We can provide a full range of charging solutions to keep things running smoothly. CES Ltd can provide guidance of the installation & maintenance of our cost effective and budget friendly solutions.

Be part of the revolution

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose CES Ltd for the installation of your EV-Charging point.

Cost Effective

We offer all types of car chargers that best suit your needs. With a full range of affordable options available, we will tailor the installation to you. We can also advise on government grant and funding options that may be available.


Our team have years of experience installing EV-charging points and are qualified to supply and fit domestic, commercial and workplace charging solutions to the highest possible standards.

The Journey

CES Ltd will guide you through the process. We will survey the property, Install your Electric Vehicle charger and provide maintenance should you ever need it.